21 Oct, 2019

Check Out These Current Affordable Housing Projects in Gurgaon

All humans commonly share the dream of owning property or homes. It is a dream worth going through the entire process for, and it manifests in beautiful ways once you’ve closed the deal. When we talk about buying a property, location becomes of utmost importance.

Locating Your House

Gurgaon, an integral part of the National Capital Region, takes Affordable Housing to new levels. For first time home buyers, it has become relatively easy to find affordable housing projects in Gurgaon. The Millennium City has gathered a lot of attention due to its cultural diversity and the scope for employment and stability. Moving to Gurgaon is a viable option, and we’ve come up with the best properties that are on sale.

Real Estate Developer

Before we talk about the best available properties, let’s talk about the property developers. For buying two bhk flat in Gurgaon, you must first learn about your builder and trust the company and their vision.

One of the best real estate developers in Gurgaon is Pyramid Infratech. The company was set up in 2008 and ever since they have been breaking the barriers for affordable homes in Gurgaon and have provided the common man with means to establish their own life with Pyramid Infratech. Let’s take a look at their hot-selling properties.

Pyramid Elite, Sector 86

  • While talking about affordable housing, we must realise that affordable doesn’t mean cheap and that the quality of the building materials has to be exclusive.

  • This secret was let on us by Pyramid Infratech who are known for their high-quality building materials and reliable workers.
  • Pyramid Elite is the solution for all your Real Estate woes. It spans over 5.6 acres of land.
  • 24x7 security surveillance, crèche, community hall, jogging track, etc. are some of the brilliant amenities provided by the residential complex.
  • To know more, take a look at the property.

Fusion Home, Sector 70-A

  • One of the missions of Pyramid Infratech is to provide people with high quality and cost-effective spaces that can be residential or commercial.

  • Fusion Home is built on a similar idea that it should be easy for people to find 2 bhk affordable flats in Gurgaon.
  • For more information on the services provided at Fusion Home, check out their website or click here

Urban Homes, Sector 70-A

  • Urban Homes is a massive residential complex created by Pyramid Infratech. It spans over 9.8 acres of land and holds 1613 apartments.

  • Services that are provided include round-the-clock surveillance and private parking to ensure the security of all patrons, jogging track, community hall, sports centre, etc.
  • Apart from these amenities, there are several unique features about this property that you must take a look at on the website.

Pyramid Infratech has been working towards finding a home for the common man for a decade. They aim towards enriching people’s lives and satisfying their expectations by providing quality results.  


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